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Wedding Venues
Wedding venues in Italy
Italy boasts many beautiful wedding venues. I am specialized in Tuscany because it has been my home base for over 20 years, and I am quite familiar with this region by now. However, over the years, I have regualarly been asked to organize weddings outside the region. Below are the 'highlights' of the most requested locations for an Italian wedding. But if you already know of a place or have specific preferences, please let me know!

Umbria is a beautiful region with rolling hills and picturesque towns. I have organized weddings there several times, including in places like Città della Pieve, Todi, and the surroundings of Perugia. However, Gubbio, Assisi, and Umbertide are also lovely towns for a wedding. Umbria is also relatively easy to reach from the Netherlands (by car or from Florence or Rome airports) and offers many accommodations for both small and large groups.


I have been living in Tuscany since 2001, so I know it quite well by now. Whether you want to get married on a hill, in an old town, on the beach, or in one of the art cities (Florence, Lucca, Siena), the Tuscany region literally has it all! There are two international airports (Pisa and Florence) and Tuscany offers numerous accommodations for both small and large groups. Additionally, this region provides beautiful alternatives for almost every budget.


Liguria is characterized by its rugged coastline and picturesque villages. Think of Lerici or the villages of Cinque Terre. Do you want to get married by the sea while strolling through typical Italian villages? Then Liguria is the right choice, and it is also easily accessible by car or by plane (Pisa or Genoa). I have organized three weddings in Lerici in recent years, so I know my way around there by now.


The city of Romeo and Juliet. But it's not just the famous balcony that's beautiful; there's also the Arena and many other places. The city is easily accessible by car from the southern part of Lake Garda, so why not combine both? I did an internship at Lake Garda years ago and used to visit Verona regularly during the time I lived there.

Northern lakes

The lakes in Northern Italy provide a picturesque setting for your wedding. Think of Lake Como with its beautiful, stately villas. You'll find yourself in the higher price range here. Lake Garda offers more options at milder prices. I once organized a wedding in Varenna on Lake Como in 2015 and at lake Garda in 2022. The lakes are accessible by car or by plane, for example, to Venice or Milan.


Who doesn't dream of a romantic gondola ride? Keep in mind that Venice can be a bit more logistically complex, and it's not easy to rent accommodation for a large group. If you have a small group of guests and are open to dining by the water at a typical Italian restaurant, then this is the right destination for you


Rome actually needs little explanation; it's such a beautiful city! The same applies here as it does for all major cities: it's better with a small group of guests for an intimate wedding. The legal marriage can be conducted in a room designed by Michelangelo or in a former church.


Do you want to get married barefoot in the sand? Do you love the sea and nature? Then Sardinia could be the right destination for you. The hospitality of the Sardinians and their delicious cuisine make this the perfect destination. I already organized a legal beach wedding on this island in 2018. You can easily fly into Alghero, Olbia, or Cagliari.


Sicily is Italy's largest island and offers the perfect blend of history, culture, and beaches, not to mention their delicious cuisine and wines. I've been here twice before for weddings and I can't help but be impressed by the warmth of the people, the beauty, and the food. You can fly into places like Catania for Taormina, for example.

Amalfi coast

I was asked to organize a wedding on the Amalfi Coast in 2015. I visited Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Each of them is beautiful with amazing views. Ravello is indeed the place to get married. Leave the car behind when you're there. Prices are generally in the higher range. The easiest way to arrive is at Naples, and from there, it's advisable to arrange a transfer.


Last summer, I was on Ischia, one of the islands off the coast of Naples. For example, you can get married in a church ruin right by the sea. It's advisable not to bring too large a group because accommodations are generally quite small, and that also applies to dining options. You can fly to Naples, and the boat ride to Ischia takes about an hour (ferries run all day).


Last month, I was asked to find a suitable location for a wedding in Apulia. This region is becoming increasingly popular due to the possibility of organizing a wedding in a beautiful 'masseria,' which is about as Italian as it gets, right? You'll be surrounded by olive trees and characteristic houses (trulli), not to mention the delightful wines and dishes. You can fly in, for example, to Bari.

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